Why you should give Ombré hair a try?

At one point, the world unanimously believed that ombre hair was a trend that peaked, had its time and would naturally disappear off into the sunset. Most were surprised to find that ombre hair is here to stay and is in fact, stronger than ever. Ombre hair is a great way to embrace varying shades, colours and hues. Blondes have more fun? Brunettes are taken more seriously? Now you can be both.

Here’s why we think you should give the ombre look a try:

1. You can be a blonde AND brunette at the same time
The battle over who is better, blondes or brunettes, continues to wage but with ombre, there’s a neat middle-ground that us ladies can occupy. Why be one or the other when you can be both? The ombre style is a great way for brunettes who are drawn to the lighter side of life to become blonde without having to frequently touch up their roots.

2. It’s fun and feminine
Ombre hair is a great way to subtly change your style without being too dramatic. Although solid colour is classic, the ombre is mischevious, playful, stylish and fun as well as inherently feminine. There are endless ways to play with the ombre look with a subtle transition or plum for something more dramatic. Some people even select brown/black with red for a fiery contrast. The limits of ombre are as vast as your own imagination. With your stylist, you can get creative and really make this look work for you. You might think, ‘but EVERYONE has ombre hair’ but that’s like saying ‘but EVERYONE is blonde’ or ‘EVERYONE is brunette.’ You can make ombre your own in a distinctive, personalised way.

3. Hairstyles POP with ombre
Ombre adds dimension and oomph to hair allowing styles such as braidd and ponytails to really pop. It’s hard for ombre hair to look boring or dull and hair is instantly enlivened. You may find that you want to get more creative with your hair once you transition to the ombre look.

4. It’s low maintenance
Ombre is the perfect low maintenance look. You don’t need to touch up roots or pay regular visits to the salon. The ombre looks after itself. You will need to invest in products that protect your color and keep hair healthy but ombre is one of the better options for women with busy lives.

What do you like best about the Ombré style?