Straight VS Curly

It’s the age-old hair dilemma; straight or curly? Whilst straight hair always looks manageable and sleek, curly hair is associated with exoticism and rebellion. In our eyes, both looks are exquisite. We thought we’d do a side by side comparison of stars with their locks curly and straight to see which look favours them better.

So, without further ado:

Britney Spears

You might think that you’ve never seen Britney with curly hair but you’d be wrong. Yes, the pop princess pretty much always wears her hair long, blonde and straight but she has stepped out with curly locks on more than one occasion, and wow, what a transformation! The sweet and sultry star looks more grownup and more seductive when she steps out with the curls but she wouldn’t be BritBrit without her straightened mane.

Kristen Stewart

On Kristen, the straight look is a bit lank. By curling her hair, Kristen adds volume and oomph to her tresses. Although these days, Kristen rocks a short blonde bob, we really like this older shot of her with slightly coifed hair. It suits her.


Beyonce embraces a different hairstyle every other day and we’ve gotten used to her versatility and variety. Fortunately for Queen Bey, she suits all styles. We personally prefer the sleek Sasha Fierce look on her best. It draws attention to her gorgeous face.

Drew Barrymore

Drew, like Bey, is another of those rare women who seems to suit absolutely any style. Although the curly look is extraordinary on Drew, we are slightly more partial to her straightened look, but it’s hard not to sit on the fence with a celeb who looks so good both ways.

Kim Kardashian

We’re used to seeing Kim with straight dark hair but when she mixes it up with waves and curls, she develops a more memorable look. Kim is a great example of a woman who suits both and jumps between the two at will. After all, if you look great both ways, why not?

Sarah Jessica Parker

In S&TC, Sarah Jessica Parker was one of the most fashionable city slickers we’ve ever seen. In real life, Sarah totally rocks wild curls that keep in line with her rebellious, unconventional and delightfully off-kilter image. Sarah looks polished with straight hair but far more cutting edge with her contemporary curls.


Another example of a woman who suits both, Shakira shakes her locks both straight and wild but there’s no denying that this she-wolf suits curls far better. Not only are they natural but they suit her playful sense of naughtiness.

Do you prefer curls or straight locks?