Valentine’s Day Hair

St. Valentine’s Day is a day when love is in the air as couples cement their love for one another. If you’ve made some romantic plans on this special day, we’ve got some hot hair recommendations to ensure that you dazzle your other half.

Flirty and Wavy

Floaty waves always look flirty, naughty and sensual. There’s an earthy quality to waves and it’s relatively easy to cultivate a wave in any hair type, providing you have the right tools to hand. Highlights and lowlights can really bring the wavy look to life so opting for a touch up prior to your date is handy. The key with waves is to generate volume, thickness and body. Wavy hair tends to look less shiny and sleek than straightened hair for obvious reasons so finish off your look with a spritz of shining spray.

Sexy and Straight

In recent years, slick and straight hair has dominated as a sexy and enduring trend. What you’re aiming for with straight hair is a sleek, smooth look. The key to achieving this is healthy hair. Flyway’s and split ends can destroy an otherwise sensual style so deep condition hair beforehand, and use a boar bristle brush and low heat to taunt your hair into straight strands. Finish off with a spritz of shining spray to smooth down your hair.

The Sensual Bun

When people think buns, they think practical and unglamorous but the bun can be phenomenally alluring. Wearing hair up exposes some of the most delicate and feminine areas of female anatomy (namely the neck and shoulders). To emphasise these graceful body parts, fix the hair smoothly back from the face. To add flirty femininity to the look, allow a few lose tendrils to frame the face. Wavy or lightly tousled adds dramatic flair to the otherwise ‘straight-laced’ aspect of this look.

The High Pony

The pony tail is another practical style that suits women from the gym to the office but who knew it could be romantic too? The high pony is also practical because it helps you to keep your hair out of your face (and food). Tailored with amazing makeup, this look sizzles. If your hair is long and thick, it will be heavy and weighted down so a mid-height pony might be preferable. You can wear this look super-slicked back or with a few lose locks to frame the face, depending on your preference.

Do you have a favourite Valentine’s Day look? Share it with us below in the comments section.