How to Prep your Hair for a Special Occasion

The calendar is dotted with special occasions. Birthdays. New Year. Valentine’s Day. Halloween. Weddings.

And at each event, we girls like to look good and a key part of that looking good process is delivering heavenly hair.

Yep, perfect hair can even make a trash bag look beautiful. So, how can we prep hair for an important event? Don’t despair….we’ve looked into it for you.

Get a cut

In our current culture, long hair is revered which is why many hold onto damaged hair for far longer than they should. Hair retains magical qualities for many of us; it’s a safety blanket, comfort, hiding place and point of nostalgia. If your longs are showing signs of damage, a cut is the best way to go. A cut instantly adds thickness and body to otherwise limp or struggling hair. Getting the right cut is all about finding a hairdresser that you trust implicitly to do the right thing for your hair and your requirements. If you love length, your hairdresser can ensure that they don’t cut too much or suggest extensions as a way to enjoy length without hanging on to tired hair. See a haircut as a refresher.

Update your color

Colour instantly changes image in such a dramatic and intense way. There is no greater change you can make to your appearance, beyond a bold cut. Imagine Marilyn Monroe as a brunette or Penelope Cruz as a blonde. The impact is enormous. If you’ve not experimented with colour, you may not be aware of your ability to transform your appearance so powerfully. It’s important to note that a colour change doesn’t need to be a huge change. You can remain a brunette and add slices of enriching colour for example but if you choose, the door is open to completely alter your identity and perhaps discover a whole new woman underneath. Again, of upmost importance is locating a hairdresser whom you trust. A consultation is vital so that you can have input alongside your hairdresser to manage expectations and create something that suits you.

Invest in hair care

Hair is so delicate and we do a lot with it. The only way to keep hair looking lush is to invest in it. There are a wide range of products available so it can be difficult to know where to start. Depending on your hair type and it’s specific needs, the products you require will be different. Talk to those you know and trust, such as family, friends, your stylist and those whose hair you admire. What works for others may work differently for you so be aware of what works well. As well as quality products and practices, it’s important to treat your hair with kindness. Never yank, tug or pull hair, be gentle with it when wet and keep it moisturised.

Condition, Condition, Condition!

One of the keys to good hair is keeping it conditioned. As the name infers, conditioner brings out the best condition in your hair. You should condition your hair every time you wash it and deep condition hair at least once a week, especially if you heat style often. You can purchase amazing conditioners or make your own from scratch at home. In fact, soon we’ll be showing you some great homemade hair conditioner recipes.

What do you do to get your hair ready for a big event? Share your tips below.